Continuous Testing

This page is about running Continuous Testing tests in your CI/CD pipelines. If you want to view CI/CD metrics and dashboards, see the CI Visibility documentation.

Datadog Continuous Testing offers a set of tools that enable you to automate software testing for a product’s entire lifecycle. By offering code-free, reliable end-to-end testing and seamless integrations with popular CI providers and collaboration tools, Continuous Testing helps you accelerate application development and ship high-quality features faster.

Test with ease and speed

Use scalable features such as a codeless web recorder, mobile app recorder, parallel test runs, and built-in multi-location testing to save time and effort for your QA team. You can run your tests sequentially and customize the number of tests you want to run at the same time on the Settings page.

Choose between running your tests sequentially and customizing the number of tests you want to run at the same time in the Continuous Testing Settings page

With support for multiple protocols, frameworks, and APIs—including gRPC and WebSockets—you can test across every level of your application stack, and across any pre-production environment.

Improve test reliability

Instead of having to implement test code, you can build software using Synthetic Monitoring’s resilient, scalable, and codeless tests. Gain confidence in your test results by minimizing false positives through self-healing browser tests, mobile app tests, and automatic test retries.

To ensure your users have the best experience, you can automate cross-browser testing and mobile application testing. These Continuous Testing features are useful in CI batches where multiple tests are executed to cover a variety of scenarios and environments.

Increase efficiency through seamless integrations

Fast-track your application development by testing and troubleshooting in one platform. Select from the following types of CI providers and collaboration tools such as Slack or Jira to merge workflows and avoid context switching.

github actions
circleci orb
azure devops extension

You can use the Datadog Terraform provider to control test creation and state management. Leverage your Synthetic tests as integration and end-to-end tests for your staging, pre-prod, and canary deployments, or run them directly in your CI pipelines.

Accelerate troubleshooting

Performing tests in a unified monitoring platform helps you find the root cause of failed test runs and reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR).

CI batches side panel in the Synthetic Monitoring & Testing Results Explorer

You can obtain the full context for troubleshooting—without switching between tools—through correlated metrics, traces, and logs surfaced by the Datadog APM integration by looking at executed jobs in the Synthetic Monitoring & Testing Results Explorer.

Examine CI batches in the Synthetic Monitoring & Testing Results Explorer

Create search queries and visualizations for your Synthetic test runs or batches of tests running in CI/CD pipelines.

A list of CI batch results in the Synthetic Monitoring & Testing Results Explorer

You can monitor individual test executions and comprehensive batches of tests, and access relevant insights for each testing type.

Ready to start?

After you have configured some Synthetic tests, see the documentation for your preferred CI/CD provider, or use the datadog-ci NPM package in your CI/CD pipelines. See Testing Local and Staging Environments to use Continuous Testing in environments that are not publicly available or production, for example, running tests against your local development environment or a staging environment within a private network. Then, start exploring details about your batch runs in the Synthetic Monitoring & Testing Results Explorer.

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