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Test Visibility provides a test-first view into your CI health by displaying important metrics and results from your tests. It can help you investigate performance problems and test failures that concern you the most because you work on the related code, not because you maintain the pipelines they are run in.

Supported features

.NETJavaJavascriptPythonRubySwiftJUnit Xml
Accurate time/durations results
Structured stack traces
Distributed traces on integration tests
Agent-based reporting
Agentless reporting
Test suite level visibility
Manual API
Codeowner by test
Source code start/end reporting✓ (only start)✓ (only start)
CI and Git info
Git metadata upload
Intelligent Test Runner
Code coverage support
Benchmark tests support
Parameterized tests


Test suite level visibility

In addition to tests, CI Visibility provides visibility over the whole testing phase of your project.


Not every language supported by CI Visibility has support for test suite level visibility:

  • Swift has complete support since dd-sdk-swift-testing>=2.1.0.
  • .NET has complete support since dd-trace-dotnet>2.16.0.
  • JavaScript has limited support since dd-trace-js>=3.3.0.
  • Java has complete support since dd-trace-java>=1.12.0.
  • JUnit report uploads has complete support since datadog-ci>=2.17.0.
  • Python has complete support since dd-trace-py>=1.14.0

Use CI tests data

When creating a dashboard or a notebook, you can use test execution data in your search query, which updates the visualization widget options.

Alert on test data

When you evaluate failed or flaky tests, or the performance of a CI test on the Test Runs page, click Create Monitor to create a CI Test monitor.

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