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  • Partial pipelines: View partial and downstream pipeline executions

  • Custom spans: Configure custom spans

  • Custom pre-defined tags: Set custom tags to all generated pipeline and job spans

  • Custom tags and metrics at runtime: Configure custom tags and metrics at runtime

Configure the Datadog integration

The Datadog integration for CircleCI works by using webhooks to send data to Datadog.

  1. For each project, go to Project Settings > Webhooks in CircleCI and add a new webhook:

    • Webhook URL: https://webhook-intake./api/v2/webhook/?dd-api-key=<API_KEY> where <API_KEY> is your Datadog API key.
    • Name: Datadog CI Visibility or any other identifier name that you want to provide.
    • Events: Select Workflow Completed and Job Completed.
    • Certificate verifications: Enable this check.
  2. Click Add Webhook to save the new webhook.

Set custom tags

To set custom tags to all the pipeline and job spans generated by the integration, add to the Webhook URL a URL-encoded query parameter tags, with key:value pairs separated by commas. If a key:value pair contains any commas, surround it with quotes. For example, to add key1:value1,"key2: value with , comma",key3:value3, the following string would need to be appended to the Webhook URL:


Visualize pipeline data in Datadog

The Pipelines and Pipeline Executions pages populate with data after the workflows finish.

Note: The Pipelines page shows data for only the default branch of each repository.

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