Intelligent Test Runner is only supported on dd-trace>= 2.22.0 (execute dd-trace --version to get the version of the tool).


Prior to setting up Intelligent Test Runner, set up Test Visibility for .NET. If you are reporting data through the Agent, use v6.40+/v7.40+.

To enable Intelligent Test Runner, set the following environment variables:

The Datadog Application key used to query the tests to be skipped.
Default: (empty)

After setting these environment variables, run your tests as you normally do by using dotnet test or VSTest.Console.exe:

dd-trace ci run --dd-service=my-dotnet-app --dd-env=ci -- dotnet test
dd-trace ci run --dd-service=my-dotnet-app --dd-env=ci -- VSTest.Console.exe {test_assembly}.dll

UI activation

In addition to setting the environment variables, you or a user in your organization with “Intelligent Test Runner Activation” permissions must activate the Intelligent Test Runner on the Test Service Settings page.

Intelligent test runner enabled in test service settings in the CI section of Datadog.

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