Continuous Delivery Visibility

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Datadog Continuous Delivery (CD) Visibility provides observability on your deployments. CD Visibility brings deployment metrics and data into Datadog so you can communicate the health of your deployments, and focus your efforts in improving your team’s ability to deliver quality code every time.

Improve deployment frequency

Deployment Visibility helps you monitor deployments across CI environments by tracking every deployment event in real time. You can identify bottlenecks, understand failures, and measure deployment success metrics. With CD Visibility, your team can optimize processes, increase deployment frequency safely, and ensure consistent delivery performance.

Increase efficiency through seamless integrations

Datadog integrates with CI providers and CD providers like ArgoCD to collect metrics and track the execution performance and results of your deployments.

azure pipelines

Use the data aggregated over time to identify trends and improve your deployment strategies for enhanced operational efficiency.

Ready to start?

See Deployment Visibility for instructions on setting up CD Visibility with your CD providers, information about compatibility requirements, and steps for instrumenting and configuring data collection. Then, start exploring details about your deployment executions in the CD Visibility Explorer and export your search query into a saved view.

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