Duplicate hosts with Kubernetes on AWS (EC2 or EKS)

If you are running the Datadog Agent in a Kubernetes environment on AWS (fully self-managed on EC2, or using EKS) you may see a problem with duplicate hosts. One host is using a hostname coming from the Datadog Agent, while the other is the AWS instance-id collected by Datadog’s AWS integration.


To perform hostname resolution, the Datadog Agent queries the local EC2 metadata endpoint to detect the EC2 instance-id. The Agent then submits this instance-id as a hostname alias. Datadog merges the data from the Agent and the data from the AWS integration into one host.

When the Datadog Agent cannot query the EC2 metadata endpoint, duplicate hostnames may arise.


Use the Agent flare command to generate a flare. Then look at diagnose.log. You may find a failure like the following:

=== Running EC2 Metadata availability diagnosis ===
[ERROR] error: unable to fetch EC2 API, Get net/http: request canceled while waiting for connection (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers) - 1563565207662176204
===> FAIL


Update your configuration to allow access to the EC2 metadata endpoint.

If you are using IMDSv2, you also need to:

  1. Set the environment variable DD_EC2_PREFER_IMDSV2 to true.
  2. Increase the hop limit from 1 to 2.