Avoid non-null assertion in confusing locations


ID: typescript-code-style/no-confusing-non-null-assertion

Language: TypeScript

Severity: Warning

Category: Error Prone


Using a non-null assertion (!) next to an assign or equals check (= or == or ===) could be confusing.

Non-Compliant Code Examples

a! == b;
a! === b;
a + b! == c;
(obj = new new OuterObj().InnerObj).Name! == c;
(a==b)! ==c;
a! = b;
(obj = new new OuterObj().InnerObj).Name! = c;
(a=b)! =c;

Compliant Code Examples

a == b!;
a = b!;
a !== b;
a != b;
(a + b!) == c;
(a + b!) = c;
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