Avoid manual sanitization of inputs


ID: typescript-browser-security/manual-sanitization

Language: TypeScript

Severity: Warning

Category: Security


Never sanitize HTML input manually. This can lead to vulnerabilities. Use dedicated modules such as sanitize-html to sanitize user inputs.

Non-Compliant Code Examples

const sanitizedInput = input
  .replaceAll('<', '&lt;')
  .replaceAll('>', '&gt;');
const html = `<strong>${sanitizedInput}</strong>`;

const sanitizedInput2 = input
  .replaceAll('bla', '&lt;')
  .replaceAll('foo', '&gt;');

const sanitizedInput3 = input
  .replaceAll('<', '&lt')
  .replaceAll('>', 'gt;');

Compliant Code Examples

import sanitizeHtml from 'sanitize-html';

const html = sanitizeHtml(`<strong>${input}</strong>`);
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