Do not modify innerHTML or outerHTML


ID: typescript-browser-security/inner-outer-html

Language: TypeScript

Severity: Warning

Category: Security


Properties like innerHTML and outerHTML should not be modified directly unless such modifications are clearly reviewed. Modifying innerHTML or outerHTML using user inputs that has not been validated can lead to XSS injection.

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Non-Compliant Code Examples

function nonCompliant(argument) {
  const content = '<div>' + argument + '</div>';
function nonCompliant(myArgument) {
  document.body.outerHTML = myArgument;
if (typeof(SERVER_DOMAIN) === 'undefined') {

const RECEIVE_URL = SERVER_DOMAIN + "/challenge_scoreboard.html" + "?origin=" + get_domain();

var window_ref = null;


function store_username() {
   var username;
   var username_obj;

   username_obj = document.getElementById("username");
   username = username_obj.value

   var welcome;
   welcome = document.getElementById("welcome");
   welcome.innerHTML = "Welcome " + html_encode (username);

   var set_username;
   set_username = document.getElementById("set_username");"none";

   var game;
   game = document.getElementById("game");"inline";

   // have to do time out so the window can open
   setTimeout (function () {send_username(username);}, 1000);

   return false;
} jetbrains

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