Avoid passing children as props


ID: tsx-react/no-children-prop

Language: TypeScript

Severity: Warning

Category: Best Practices


The children of a JSX element should appear as elements between the parent’s opening and closing tags, not as props in the opening tag. This rule enforces the use of children as an element.

Non-Compliant Code Examples

<div children='Children' />;

<MyComponent children={<AnotherComponent />} />;
<MyComponent children={['Child 1', 'Child 2']} />;

React.createElement("div", { children: 'Children' });

Compliant Code Examples

  <span>Child 1</span>
  <span>Child 2</span>
React.createElement("div", {}, 'Children');
React.createElement("div", 'Child 1', 'Child 2');
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