ID: ruby-security/rails-avoid-constantize

Language: Ruby

Severity: Info

Category: Best Practices


The rule “Avoid constantize” advises against the use of constantize and safe_constantize methods in Ruby. These methods are used to convert a string into a constant, but they pose a significant security risk.

The constantize method can be exploited to run arbitrary code in your application, which makes it a potential target for code injection attacks. For example, a malicious user could manipulate the string to reference a class that performs destructive actions when loaded.

Instead of using constantize or safe_constantize, explicitly reference the constant you need. If you have a limited set of constants you want to access based on a string, consider using a hash or case statement to map strings to constants. This gives you control over which constants are accessible, and prevents arbitrary constants from being referenced.

In general, it’s best to avoid methods that can execute code based on user input or other untrusted sources. Always prioritize secure coding practices to maintain the integrity and safety of your application.

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Non-Compliant Code Examples

"Class".safe_constantize jetbrains

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