Do not use :: to define class methods


ID: ruby-best-practices/method-definition-colon

Language: Ruby

Severity: Info

Category: Best Practices


This rule refers to the naming convention of class methods in Ruby. It emphasizes not using the string ‘::’ to define class methods. This is because it’s not a valid method name in Ruby and will result in a syntax error.

Using standard naming conventions is crucial for code readability and maintainability. It’s important to name methods in a clear and descriptive way, following the standards of the Ruby community. Using a string like ‘::’ as a method name is not meaningful, descriptive, or standard.

To avoid this rule violation, always define class methods by using the ‘self’ keyword followed by a meaningful method name. For instance, def self.my_method is a standard way to define a class method in Ruby. This approach not only makes the code more readable but also helps other developers understand the purpose of the method easily.

Non-Compliant Code Examples

class TestClass
  def self::my_method

Compliant Code Examples

class TestClass
  def self.my_method