avoid unsafe function to (de)serialize data


ID: python-security/deserialize-untrusted-data

Language: Python

Severity: Notice

Category: Security


Do not deserialize untrusted data. Make sure you use alternatives to check that the data can be deserialized safely. There is no workaround around this: unless you really trust the data source, it’s better to use another way to exchange data, such as an API or other protocols such as protobuf or thrift.

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Non-Compliant Code Examples

import marshal
person = {"name":"xyz", "age":22, "marks":[45,56,78]}
data = marshal.dumps(person)
obj = marshal.loads(data)
import pickle

data = pickle.loads(data)

Compliant Code Examples

import pickle

data = pickle.loads(data)
data = pickle.loads(data)
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