Avoid the use of the __proto__ property


ID: javascript-best-practices/no-proto

Language: JavaScript

Severity: Warning

Category: Error Prone


The __proto__ property has been deprecated as of ECMAScript 3.1.

Use a suitable alternative to __proto__ like Object.getPrototypeOf and Object.setPrototypeOf instead.

Non-Compliant Code Examples

var a = test.__proto__;
var a = test['__proto__'];
var a = test[`__proto__`];
test[`__proto__`] = function () {};

Compliant Code Examples

var a = test[__proto__];
var __proto__ = null;
foo[`__proto`] = null;
foo[`__proto__\n`] = null;
class C { #__proto__; foo() { this.#__proto__; } }
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