Function parameters redeclared


ID: javascript-best-practices/no-dupe-args

Language: JavaScript

Severity: Error

Category: Best Practices


In JavaScript, it’s syntactically valid to define multiple parameters with the same name in a function definition. However, doing so is considered bad practice as the last argument value will override the preceding argument value which can lead to issues that are hard to debug.

Non-Compliant Code Examples

function a(a, b, b) {}
function a(a, a, a) {}
function a(a, b, a) {}
function a(a, b, a, b) {}
var a = function(a, b, b) {}
var a = function(a, a, a) {}
var a = function(a, b, a) {}
var a = function(a, b, a, b) {}

Compliant Code Examples

function a(a, b, c){}
var a = function(a, b, c){}
function a({a, b}, {c, d}){}
function a([ , a]) {}
function foo([[a, b], [c, d]]) {} jetbrains

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