CGI is outdated


ID: go-security/import-cgi

Language: Go

Severity: Warning

Category: Security


In Go, it is generally recommended to avoid using the net/http/cgi package for executing Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts. The cgi package provides functionality to execute CGI scripts within an HTTP server, but there are several reasons why it is advised to avoid its usage:

  1. Performance: The cgi package uses an external CGI process for each request, which can introduce significant performance overhead. Starting and managing external processes for each request can be resource-intensive and impact the server’s overall throughput and response time. In contrast, using native Go handler functions or a framework like Gorilla Mux can offer better performance and efficiency.
  2. Security: Running CGI scripts inherently introduces security risks due to the need to execute external programs with potentially untrusted input. The cgi package lacks features and safeguards provided by other server setups or frameworks that are designed to mitigate common CGI-related security vulnerabilities. It is generally safer to handle HTTP requests using native Go handlers that allow for more granular control and security checks.
  3. Lack of standardization: CGI is an older and less commonly used protocol for executing web scripts. The cgi package does not support some newer HTTP features and has limited support for handling specific aspects of the CGI specification. Using more modern and widely-adopted frameworks or libraries can provide better support and tooling for handling HTTP requests and responses.
  4. Code complexity: The cgi package’s API can be more complex and less intuitive compared to other HTTP server and routing frameworks available in the Go ecosystem. Depending on the specific use case and requirements, using a simpler and more idiomatic approach with native Go handlers or a well-established framework can lead to easier-to-understand and maintainable code.

While the cgi package can still be suitable for specific scenarios where compatibility with existing CGI scripts or server configurations is a strict requirement, it is generally recommended to explore alternative approaches for building HTTP servers in Go. Leveraging the native net/http package, along with frameworks like Gorilla Mux or Gin, can provide better performance, security, and flexibility for handling HTTP requests and building web applications in a more idiomatic and efficient manner.

Non-Compliant Code Examples

package main

import (

func main() {
} jetbrains

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