Which Azure components are supported?

Cloudcraft supports the following Microsoft Azure components:

  • AKS Clusters
  • AKS Pods
  • AKS Workloads
  • API Management
  • Application Gateways
  • Azure Cache for Redis
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Database for MySQL
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL
  • Bastions
  • Disks
  • Function App
  • Load Balancers
  • Network Security Groups
  • Service Bus (Namespaces, Queues, and Topics)
  • SQL Databases
  • Storage Accounts (Blob, File Shares, Queues, and Tables)
  • Subnets
  • Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Scale Sets
  • Virtual Networks
  • VPN Gateways
  • Web Apps

For components that aren’t supported, you can use the Design tab to create your own using blocks, icons, images, and text labels.

You can also contact our support team to help us identify which components you need the most.