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Daily Datadog costs give you visibility into daily Datadog spending across dashboards, notebooks, cost monitors, and Cloud Cost Analytics, along with your entire organization’s cloud provider and SaaS costs.

You can view daily Datadog costs in Cloud Cost Management, and access additional Datadog costs capabilities like Cost Summary and Cost Chargebacks on the Usage & Cost page.

Costs outside of Plan and Usage are based on usage only and do not include historical credits and adjustments.


To view costs in Cloud Cost Management, you must have the cloud_cost_management_read permission, which is enabled for users with the Datadog Read Only Role.

Only existing Cloud Cost Management customers within the parent organization can access daily Datadog costs outside of Plan and Usage.

To see costs on the Usage & Cost page, see the Cost Details documentation.

Visualize and break down costs

Costs in Cloud Cost Management may not match the estimated month-to-date (MTD) costs on the Plan and Usage page because Plan and Usage costs are cumulative and are prorated monthly. Only Cloud Cost Management provides a daily calculation.

Datadog cost data is available for the past 15 months and can be used in dashboards and notebooks under the Cloud Costs data source. Create dashboards to monitor daily costs, identify trends, and optimize resource usage.

Datadog costs as an option for the Cloud Cost data source in a dashboard

You can use out-of-the-box tags to break down and allocate your Datadog cost data.

Tag NameTag Description
organizationThe name of the parent or sub-organization.
dimension_name / dimensiondimension_name is the name of the individual product being billed (for example, Indexed Logs (15 Day Retention)).

dimension is the snake case version of the product name which is optimized for programmatic use and easier search (for example, logs_indexed_15day).
product_name / datadog_productproduct_name is the high-level grouping name for Datadog products (for example, Logs).

datadog_product is the snake case version of the product grouping name which is optimized for programmatic use and easier search (for example, logs).
<Usage Attribution tags>You can add up to three tag keys, configured in Usage Attribution, with their associated values (for example, team or service).
cost_typeThe type of charge covered by this item (for example, committed or on-demand).

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