Cloud Cost Management

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Cloud Cost Management provides insights for engineering and finance teams to see how changes to infrastructure can affect costs. It enables you to understand trends, allocate spend across your organization, and identify inefficiencies. Datadog ingests your cloud cost data and transforms it into queryable metrics. If costs rise, you can correlate the change with usage metrics to determine the root cause.


Use cloud cost data in dashboards

Visualize infrastructure spend alongside related utilization metrics to spot potential inefficiencies and savings opportunities:

  • Add cloud costs to widgets in Datadog dashboards by selecting the Cloud Cost data source.
Cloud Cost available as a data source in dashboard widget creation
  • Export a timeseries graph of costs data using the Metrics API.

Allocate costs

Use Container Cost Allocation metrics to discover costs associated with clusters and workloads across Kubernetes, AWS ECS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Gain visibility into pod-level costs, identify idle resource costs, and analyze costs by resource type.

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