Adding Entries to API Catalog

API Catalog is not supported for your selected Datadog site ().


API Catalog uses APM instrumentation for distributed tracing to automatically discover endpoints in your Datadog organization. For instrumented services with supported libraries, endpoints are automatically populated into API Catalog.

Register automatically detected endpoints, or upload an OpenAPI file to benefit from the full value of API Catalog.

Register automatically detected endpoints

Group automatically detected endpoints into APIs to track their usage, set ownership, and set monitoring policies from a centralized location.

To register endpoints:

  1. From the Explorer page, select the endpoints to register.
  2. Click Register Endpoints.
  3. Select the API(s) you want to group the endpoints into.
  4. Click Apply.
Select endpoints in API Catalog and click Register Endpoints button.

After endpoints are registered, Datadog starts collecting a new endpoint metric for better monitoring capabilities.

Autodiscovery is not available for some frameworks. Check compatibility status by clicking the Learn More button in Datadog. If you still cannot find your endpoints, try uploading a definition file containing them. Datadog automatically starts collecting data on those endpoint definitions after they are uploaded.

Import OpenAPI/Swagger file

Import API definitions that you already own to see which endpoints are receiving traffic, and get performance and deployment information on top of your API definitions.

Supported formats are OpenAPI 2 and 3.

To import an OpenAPI/Swagger file:

  1. Go to the Catalog page.
  2. Click Add API.
  3. Select Import an API.
  4. Choose the OpenAPI file to import from your device.

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