Agent 6 Log Files


This page covers Agent 5 log files. Datadog recommends installing or upgrading to Agent 7 for the latest features. For information on installing the latest version of the Agent, follow the Agent 7 Installation Instructions. For information on upgrading to Agent 7 from an earlier version, see Upgrade to Datadog Agent v7.

The Datadog Agent does a logs rollover every 10MB by default. When a rollover occurs, one backup (agent.log.1) is kept. If a previous backup exists, it is overwritten during the rollover. To set the maximum size of one log file and the maximum number of backup files to keep, use log_file_max_size(default: 10485760 bytes) and log_file_max_rolls(default: 1) in the Agent configuration file.

Agent log directory

macOS, Agent v7.28+ and v6.28+/opt/datadog-agent/logs
macOS, Agent older than 6.28.0/7.28.0/var/log/datadog

Agent log files

  • agent.log
  • process-agent.log
  • trace-agent.log
  • system-probe.log
  • jmxfetch.log for Agent >= 7.24.0/6.24.0
  • dogstatsd.log for Agent >= 7.46.0

Agent installation log files

PlatformLocation and file name