SafeNet SAML IdP

SafeNet SAML IdP


To follow the dedicated SafeNet instructions, see SafeNet Trusted Access for Datadog.


Follow the main SAML configuration instructions.

  • The IdP metadata is available in the SafeNet Trusted Access console by clicking the Download Metadata button.
  • In Datadog, ensure the Identity Provider (IdP) Initiated Login box is checked.
  • Datadog’s Service Provider metadata is needed.


  1. Add an Application named Datadog.
  2. Under STA Setup, click Upload Datadog Metadata.
  3. On the Metadata upload window, click Browse to search and select the Datadog metadata obtained previously. The service provider metadata information displays under Account Details.
  4. Click Save Configuration to save the details and activate the Datadog application in SafeNet Trusted Access.

Verify authentication

Using STA console

Navigate to the Datadog login URL. You are redirected to the SafeNet Trusted Access sign-in page. Enter your primary directory login information, approve the two-factor authentication, and you should be redirected to Datadog after authentication.

Note: For IdP initiated mode, enter the Assertion Consumer Service URL found in Datadog on the SafeNet Trusted Access console.

Using STA user portal

Navigate to the User Portal URL to log in to the STA User Portal dashboard. The dashboard shows you a list of applications to which you have access. Click on the Datadog application icon, you are redirected to Datadog after authentication.

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