Switching between organizations
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Switching between organizations

In cases where you belong to multiple Datadog organizations (orgs), the org switcher at the bottom left of the nav bar allows you to toggle between orgs.

For security purposes, you must have a valid session for each org you switch to. In cases where you don’t have an active session, you are asked to authenticate with a username/password or SAML.

The following scenarios behave differently as of Jan 2, 2019:

  1. Mixed auth approaches: In cases where you have both SAML and username/password authentication, you must log in with the type required by the org (username/password or SAML) as opposed to logging into one and getting access to all.

  2. SAML Strict: If your org is set for SAML Strict, you must authenticate via SAML. You are required to re-authenticate each time you switch orgs. Since IdPs persist sessions, this is often a redirect.


If you encounter a problem and cannot log in, try the following:

  1. Re-enter or reset your username/password, even if you haven’t needed to in the past.

  2. Check with another team member to see if they can log in with username/password. If yes, see step 1. If not, see step 3.

  3. Confirm with an admin member of your team if this account requires a username/password, SAML, or Google OAuth to ensure you’re using the correct approach.

If the above troubleshooting steps fail, contact the Datadog support team and let them know the expected behavior and what you’ve tried.