Cross-Organization Connections API

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Cross-organization visibility is in beta.

Cross-organization visibility allows customers to share data between different organizations in the same account, and show insights from multiple organizations in one place.

This document describes how to configure cross-organization connections through the API. To configure connections through the UI, see cross-organization visibility.

API endpoint

Configure connections through the public API /api/v2/org_connections endpoint. The application key you use to authenticate to the endpoint must have the org_management permission.

List connections

List all the connections this organization participates in, either as a source organization or as a destination organization. Listing connections requires the Org Connections Read permission.

GET https://{datadog_site}/api/v2/org_connections?api_key={datadog_api_key}&application_key={datadog_application_key}

Create a connection

Creates a connection from this organization to the destination organization. You must perform this operation in the to-be-source organization. Creating connections requires the Org Connections Write permission.

POST https://{datadog_site}/api/v2/org_connections?api_key={datadog_api_key}&application_key={datadog_application_key}

Note: The payload of this call requires the destination organization UUID. Get the destination organization’s UUID from the “List your managed organizations” endpoint.

Content-Type: application/json


    "data": {
        "type": "org_connection",
        "relationships": {
            "sink_org": {
                "data": {
                    "type": "orgs",
                    "id": "{{the destination organization UUID}}"

Failure scenarios

  • The connection already exists
  • The connection refers to a destination organization ID outside of the account

Delete a connection

Deletes a connection. Perform this operation either from the source organization or the destination organization. Reference the connection to delete with its ID, which you can get from the List connections request. Deleting connections requires the Org Connections Write permission.

DELETE https://{datadog_site}/api/v2/org_connections/{connection_id}?api_key={datadog_api_key}&application_key={datadog_application_key}

Failure scenarios

  • The organization does not participate as a source or a destination to the connection
  • The connection does not exist